Amidst the climate crisis and sixth mass ex­tinc­tion, Naturum is threat­ened by the City of Raseborg’s decision to raise the building rent by almost 10 times and Met­sähal­li­tus’ sub­se­quent decision to stop running it.

There is a critically important Baltic Sea and coastal nature center in Raseborg.

Ekenäs Naturum serves humanity and the environment. It is connected to place and is somewhere to visit, learn, and understand.

Amidst the climate crisis and sixth mass extinction, Naturum is threatened by the City of Raseborg’s decision to raise the building rent by almost 10 times and Metsähallitus’ subsequent decision to stop running it.

The Baltic is in a very fragile state due to pollution and eutrophication. Higher coastal flooding and increased acidification due to the climate crisis will put even greater pressure on this ecosystem and surrounding communities.

Naturum has an excellent permanent exhibition and hosts important events. The seaside setting was perfect to tell about my research on future coastal flooding in Ekenäs Old Town during a panel discussion with moviemaker John Webster, following a viewing of Little Yellow Boots.

Naturum is for environmental understanding, community building, and sense of place. It welcomes all and, crucially, is friendly and inclusive for children.

Valuable research and education are happening locally in Raseborg. Dr. Jonna Engström-Öst and her team’s research, Dr. Matias Schengen and Havsmanualen, and Novia’s sustainable coastal management are natural collaborators for Naturum.

Threatening a pillar for the environment and community with short sighted decision-making is unsustainable. Even this ongoing pandemic is connected to our broken nature relationship.

Social and environmental sustainability form the foundation for thriving life within planetary boundaries. A sustainable economy is born from this foundation.

Public actors, including Raseborg and Metsähallitus, have a responsibility to play an active role in the sustainability transformation.

Jack Raisanen
Environmental and Sustainability Expert

Originally published in Swedish by Hufvudstadsbladet on 23.11.2020 and Västra Nyland on 24.11.2020.