Work and practice broadly around the themes of environmental and social sustainability and justice. Social and environmental sustainability form the foundation to thriving life for all, within planetary boundaries. A sustainable economy is born from this foundation.

I specialise in preparing residence permit applications for remigration (paluumuutto) and studies. In addition to successful client projects, I have also obtained residence permits for studies and remigration for myself. Having been through the process, I know how stressful it can be. I will treat your application like my own.

Descendants of Finnish citizens may qualify for a residence permit based on remigration; in some cases, even in the third generation. When applying for such a permit, it is important to have thorough documentation and a well-prepared application. My strengths are in my attention to detail, deep familiarity with genealogical searches, and ability to work with archives and public agencies to secure required legalised records proving a connection to Finland.

I additionally offer relocation, settlement, and integration services to organisations for their employees moving to Finland, as part of my work to develop and internationalise Finnish working life. This is an excellent investment in international employee well-being and retention. My focus here is on premium housing in enjoyable neighbourhoods and providing insider knowledge, especially concerning Helsinki.

My pro bono commitments are currently: FULL.

I frequently contribute to public discourse and advocate for nature and biodiversity protection, democracy, children’s rights, and the right to participate in public decision-making.

I am currently active with the Extinction Rebellion movement. I sometimes provide pro bono consulting services to local citizens groups and NGOs regarding nature protection.

My appeal of the Helsinki City Council’s 2021 budget is presently in the Helsinki Administrative Court. At issue is the City of Helsinki’s decision to end the Municipal Child Supplement for children over the age of one.

For many reasons, I find the aforementioned decision illegal, discriminatory, and unacceptable. Additionally, I made two demands for revised decisions to the Helsinki Education Division regarding the Municipal Child Supplement. One of the demands is available here.