From 2020–2021, I was responsible for organizing CoastGIS 2021 at Novia University of Applied Sciences, one of my alma maters. I started as a project assistant for the symposium and soon took on a leadership role as project manager.

My responsibilities included symposium planning, practical arrangements, correspondence with delegates, keynote speakers, and local partners, newsletter and web updates, and graphic design.

I also compiled a Book of Abstracts, as well as edited, uploaded, and embedded tens of presentation recordings, making most of the contents of the symposium available to the public in the spirit of open access science.

I furthermore communicated with symposium funders and completed post-symposium reporting for the Swedish Cultural Fund in Finland and the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.

At the symposium, I had the opportunity to present my research on climate change, sea level rise, future coastal flooding, and cultural heritage impacts in the Old Town of Ekenäs.

This research was published as my bachelor’s thesis in 2019 for the degree of Bachelor of Natural Resources in Sustainable Coastal Management and a professional Environmental Planning qualification from Novia University of Applied Sciences.

A video recording of my presentation is available here, and my thesis is available in its entirety here.